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πŸš€ Running twemproxy on Kubernetes
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Running twemproxy on Kubernetes

Install redis

Setup 2 instances of redis: create configmap for them, create 2 redis deployments and their respective services.

Update the PVC size to your liking.

kubectl create configmap redis-conf --from-file=redis.conf
kubectl create -f deployments/redis01.yaml
kubectl create -f deployments/redis02.yaml
kubectl create -f services/redis01.yaml
kubectl create -f services/redis02.yaml

Install twemproxy

Build the docker image for twemproxy from twemproxy folder.

Edit twemproxy configuration

  hash: murmur
  distribution: ketama
  auto_eject_hosts: true
  redis: true
  server_connections: 1
  server_retry_timeout: 30000
  timeout: 4000
  server_failure_limit: 3
  preconnect: true
    - redis01:6379:1 redis01
    - redis02:6379:1 redis02
    # add more servers here

Create the configmap, deployment and service for twemproxy

kubectl create configmap twemproxy-conf --from-file=twemproxy.yml
kubectl create -f deployments/twemproxy.yaml
kubectl create -f services/twemproxy.yaml

Check the installation

Fire up an Ubuntu container and check if twemproxy is working as expected.

kubectl run -i --tty ubuntu --image=ubuntu --restart=Never /bin/bash
apt-get update && apt-get install -y redis-tools
redis-cli -h twemproxy -p 22121
set foo bar
get foo
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