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A dead simple configuration manager for Go applications
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Store is a dead simple configuration manager for Go applications.


I didn't like existing configuration management solutions like globalconf, tachyon or viper. First two just don't feel right and viper, imo, a little overcomplicated—definitely offering too much for small things. Store supports either JSON, TOML or YAML out-of-the-box and lets you register practically any other configuration format. It persists all of your configurations in either $XDG_CONFIG_HOME or $HOME on Linux and in %APPDATA% on Windows.

Look, when I say it's dead simple, I actually mean it:

package main

import (


func init() {
	// You must init store with some truly unique path first!

type Cat struct {
	Name   string `toml:"naym"`
	Clever bool   `toml:"ayy"`

type Hotel struct {
	Name string
	Cats []Cat `toml:"guests"`

	Opens  *time.Time
	Closes *time.Time

func main() {
	var hotel Hotel

	if err := store.Load("hotel.toml", &hotel); err != nil {
		log.Println("failed to load the cat hotel:", err)

	// ...

	if err := store.Save("hotel.toml", &hotel); err != nil {
		log.Println("failed to save the cat hotel:", err)

Store supports any other formats via the handy registration system: register the format once and you'd be able to Load and Save files in it afterwards:

store.Register("ini", ini.Marshal, ini.Unmarshal)

err := store.Load("configuration.ini", &object)
// ...
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