Improved version of semantic-stickyfunc-mode that handles parameters on multiple lines
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What is Semantic Stickyfunc Enhance

This package is an improvement of stock semantic-stickyfunc-mode in Semantic, a parser framework bundled with Emacs. semantic-stickyfunc-mode shows function interface/class/namespace that has part of it at the top of current visible screen. However, the mode has some limitations and this package tries to improve it. To visually see the mode in action, please look at the next section.


  • Displays parameters scattered on multiple lines. Current semantic-stickyfunc-mode can only display parameter on the same line with the function name.

  • Specifically handles Python. Values can be assigned to Python's parameters. Current semantic-stickyfunc-mode only displays parameter names but not its associated values. This package does.

A demo in C:


A demo in Emacs Lisp:


A demo in Python:



You only need to enable semantic-mode along with semantic-stickyfunc-mode:

(add-to-list 'semantic-default-submodes 'global-semantic-stickyfunc-mode)
(semantic-mode 1)
(require 'stickyfunc-enhance)