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Code to convert tulsa transit data to google transit format.

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This project is for converting is the code a transit 'signup' from the
Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority (MTTA) into a General Transit Feed
Specification (GTFS), that can be used with other transit software such as
OpenTripPlanner.  Our goal is to get this data onto Google Maps and any other
publicly available transit database.

To run the project:

1. Install python, pip, virtualenv, and virtualenvwrapper
2. Run `mkvirtualenv ttg` to create the new virtualenv
3. Run `pip install -r requirements.txt` to download the third-party libraries
4. Get a copy of the Tulsa Transit Authority's signup data.  It should be a zip file.
5. Change to the `ttgsite` folder, copy `` to ``, change as needed.
6. Back in the main folder, run `./ syncdb; ./ migrate` to create a new database.
6. Run `./ importmttasignup` to import into SignUp #1
6. Run `./ copymttatogtfs 1` to copy SignUp #1 to Feed #1 
7. Run `./ exportgtfs --name 1` to export Feed #1 to
8. Run `` to validate the feed
9. Run `` to view the schedule
10. Run `/ runserver` to start up Django.  The Django admin may be the only interesting part.

Required files for this project
You'll need a signup file from the Tulsa Transit Authority to populate your database.  Contact John Whitlock or Luke Crouch to get a copy.

Other useful information:


John Whitlock

On freenode: #tulsawebdevs
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