Pop a posframe (just a child-frame) at point
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Note: this file is auto converted from posframe.el by el2org, please do not edit it by hand!!!


  1. Posframe README
    1. What is posframe
    2. Installation
    3. Usage
      1. Create a posframe
      2. Hide a posframe
      3. Hide all posframes
      4. Delete a posframe
      5. Delete all posframes

Posframe README

What is posframe

Posframe can pop a posframe at point, this posframe is a child-frame with its root window's buffer.

The main advantages are:

  1. It is fast enough for daily usage :-)
  2. It works well with CJK language.

NOTE: For MacOS users, posframe need Emacs (version >= 26.0.91)



(require 'posframe)


Create a posframe

  1. Simple way

    NOTE: buffers prefixed with space will be not showed in buffer-list.
    (posframe-show " *my-posframe-buffer*"
                   :string "This is a test"
                   :position (point))
  2. Advanced way

    (defvar my-posframe-buffer " *my-posframe-buffer*")
    (with-current-buffer (get-buffer-create my-posframe-buffer)
      (insert "Hello world"))
    (posframe-show my-posframe-buffer
                   :position (point))
  3. Arguments

    C-h f posframe-show

Hide a posframe

(posframe-hide " *my-posframe-buffer*")

Hide all posframes

M-x posframe-hide-all

Delete a posframe

  1. Delete posframe and its buffer

    (posframe-delete " *my-posframe-buffer*")
  2. Only delete posframe's frame

    (posframe-delete-frame " *my-posframe-buffer*")

Delete all posframes

M-x posframe-delete-all

Note: this command will delete all posframe buffers, suggest not run this command if you are sharing a buffer between posframe and other packages.