Laser cut wire dispenser. OpenSCAD 3D drawing scales to user definable number of reels, reel dimensions etc and using 'projection()' exports .DXF for cutter.
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Wire Dispenser

A simple box for holding equipment wire, with center dowel to allow dispensing through front slots. Since the design uses OpenSCAD, the code is designed to be configurable to any size/number of reels one requires.


Set the variables at the top of the code to your reel diamensions and number required. The baseSlots and sideSlots require a bit of tinkering until it looks right - probably a better way to do that.

By default, the code is to make a 6 reel holder of this 24AWG AlphaWire:


To view everything slotted together, leave export=false - this arranges the 3d parts.

Assembly Render

DXF Export

Once your happy, to create a .dxf for sending to a cutter, set export=true. It uses projection() to get the 2d sections of each piece and arranges them on a flat area.

Print Sheet