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Votum Page Transition Plugin
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VOTUM Page Transition Plugin

An easy, small and lightweight Javascript plugin for page transitions / sliding pages on mobile websites.


  • no jQuery required
  • page transitions with slide effect
  • slide from right to left, slide from left to right, slide up, slide down
  • works on all relative links within your page (absolute links are called normal)
  • choose a data-attribute for your links which should not slide
  • native browser behaviour given, like middle click which opens link in a new tab
  • updates also information in head (title, ... )
  • browser navigation support
  • inject additional functions for call after slide finish
  • possibility to give a special content container instead of whole body for slide


Getting Started


  • domparser polyfill for crossbrowser support (js included)

How to use

  • include js files in head information of your template: domparser.polyfill.js and page.transition.min.js
  • include css file in head information of your template: page.transition.css

Example call of the pageTransition function with default options

<script type="text/javascript">
        effectClasses: [ 'slide' ],
        effectClassesReverse: [ 'slide', 'reverse' ],
        afterSlideFunction: function() {
            /* Placeholder for a callback to get executed after each page transition. */
        ajaxLoader: 'ajax-loader',
        noSlideAttr: 'data-no-slide',
        contentContainerSelector: 'body',
        cssSlideDuration: 705,
        headElementsToReplace: 'meta, link, title'

Options description

  • effectClasses: css class how the sliding should behave (feel free to modify and write your own)
  • effectClassesReverse: css class how sliding should behave after browser navigation (back button)
  • afterSlideFunction: some js stuff which will be called after slide has finished
  • ajaxLoader: id of your ajax loader container which will be appended to your page before slide
  • noSlideAttr: data-attribute which makes links not sliding
  • contentContainerSelector: selector of what should slide
  • cssSlideDuration: Duration of slidingeffect
  • headElementsToReplace: choose what should be replaced in head of page

Good to know

  • ONLY RELATIVE PATH COMPATIBLE: this plugin works ONLY with relative paths, links with absolute paths (http://, mailto:, ftp://) etc. will be called normal
  • Same issue with links that have hashtags in its address (anchor, JS stuff …)
  • I don't know if i really had all exceptions in my mind, but i will extend this plugin soon to make it perfect ;-)

Further notes

Created and modified by Ricardo Hildebrand and Thomas Heuer and developed at VOTUM in Berlin, Germany.

Version & Update notes

24. January 2014

  • v0.1

29. January 2014

  • v0.1.1
  • Compatibility for Internet Explorer version 10 and higher // Transition styles for IE

06. February 2014

  • v0.2
  • replace only parts in head element
  • free choose of container to slide
  • removed jQuery dependency
  • shortened/optimized transition styles
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