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Project LEMUR: Observability and Context

Developers can use Lemur and Lemurctl to understand their microservice applications in the context of the stack, determining whether there are performance issues in application code or architecture, or whether the issue is with the underlying infrastructure.

Find Lemur set up instructions on the wiki: Lemur stack and Lemurctl

What's Included: Observability + Context

This free offering is a bundling of 3 observability tools, plus Turbonomic full-stack context. In a single UI, you can analyze your applications within the context of the platforms it runs on.

  • Application Metrics via Prometheus/Grafana
  • Service Mesh via Kiali
  • Tracing via Jaeger
  • Full-stack Context is provided by Turbonomic

Ready to experience the visibility? Let's get LEAPING!

Project Lemur is started by Turbonomic. Interested in Full Stack CONTROL? Check out KubeTurbo! Kubeturbo leverages Turbonomic's patented analysis engine to provide visibility and control across the entire stack in order to assure the performance of running micro-services in Kubernetes Pods, as well as the efficiency of underlying infrastructure.

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