SDK for Turi's GraphLab Create.
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GraphLab Create SDK

The GraphLab Create SDK aims to provide 3rd party extensibility to GraphLab Create. The SDK provides:

  • A really simple C++ to GraphLab Create to Python FFI interface.
  • High level native access to the GraphLab Create datastructures (SArray, SFrame and SGraph)
  • It also provides a way for certain SFrame / SGraph Python operators which take functions (like SArray.apply, SFrame.apply or SGraph.triple_apply) to use native functions instead of Python functions.

Minimum Requirements


  • GraphLab Create >= 1.6.1 installation
  • gcc 4.8 and above


  • GraphLab Create >= 1.1 installation
  • XCode 6.1 Command Line Tools. (Apple LLVM version 6.0 (clang-600.0.54))

The sdk also depends on boost 1.55 or above (headers only). We've included a subset of dependent boost 1.56 header files under boost/.

Download SDK

git clone graphlab-sdk

Build Examples

cd graphlab-sdk && make

Use the Example Extensions

graphlab-sdk$ ipython
>>> import graphlab
>>> import sdk_example.example1 as example1
>>> example1.add(2, 5)


For extensive documentation, refer to

Alternatively, you can type make doc to build local documentations (requires Doxygen).


This SDK is provided under the 3-clause BSD license.