Practice exercises for prototype methods, scope, and context
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This repo contains practice exercises for fundamental JavaScript concepts including scope, prototype methods, and context. Each concept has a corresponding folder with a README that includes instructions for solving each type of problem.

Getting Started

Fork this repo (do not clone), then clone your forked copy to your machine. cd into the directory for the project and run npm install.

Running the Tests

To run all tests for all three concepts:

npm test

To run the tests for just a single concept:

npm run testContext or npm run testScope or npm run testPrototypes

Pulling Down Repo Changes

You have now cloned your forked version of JSFun to your machine. As instructors make changes to the repo (adding exercises, fixing tests, changing problems, etc.) you'll need to pull down those changes. In order to do so, we must link your copy of JSFun on your machine to the Turing github version by adding a new remote repository.

In your terminal, from within the root of your JSFun project directory, run:

git remote add turing

If this command was successful, you should be able to run git remote -v and see something like the following:

origin (fetch)
origin (push)
turing (fetch)
turing (push)

Now, whenever instructors tell you to pull down changes, there are two steps:

  1. Make sure you commit and push any changes you have currently made
  2. Run git pull turing master