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Setting up a new student's development environment.
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Eventually I'd like this repository to host everything a student needs to get bootstrapped into a dev environment. For now, it's just dotfiles, and a links to material in our curriculum that cover the other parts.

Setup Your Environment

  • To get your environment set up, check out This tutorial.
  • For the basics on how to work in the terminal, check out Terminal and Editor.
  • If you don't already have a place you want to put your material from the school, then go ahead a directory called "Turing" in your home folder: mkdir ~/Turing congrats, now you have one :P


What are dotfiles?

Dotfiles are files that configure the applications you use.

They are named this because they typically begin with a dot, in order to make them hidden by default in Unix.

Okay, but why?

In many applications, you navigate menus and check boxes in order to convigure them. This has the convenience of a user interface.

In Unix, applications are run via the command-line, they rarely have any sort of visual/navigatable user interface. So instead they store their configuraiton in files.

This is advantageous, it means I can store my dotfiles in source control, clone them onto a new computer, and know my configuration is the same, share them with you, see everything I've done in one place, etc.

We have set up some simple dotfiles for you

The leading dollar sign in the code samples below implies the commands to the right are to be run from a terminal.

First clone this repo into your Turing directory.

$ cd ~/Turing
$ git clone

Then cd into this repo, all commands below will be run from here.

$ cd bootstrap_new_students

Install pryrc to configure pry to work with Atom.

$ cp pryrc ~/.pryrc

Install bash_profile to configure bash.

$ cp bash_profile ~/.bash_profile

Install gitconfig to configure git, then edit the information under [user] to match your information.

$ cp gitconfig ~/.gitconfig
$ atom ~/.gitconfig
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