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PostgreSQL - Object-relational Database System
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PostgreSQL - Advanced Object-relational Database System

PostgreSQL is a fully featured object-relational database with many enterprise features: ACID transactions, inheritance, unicode and strong support for the SQL-92 standard including subqueries, views, outer joins, foreign keys, sequences and triggers. It is also highly extensible and allows users to define internal functions in C, C++, Java, Perl, TCL, Python, Ruby, PHP and PL/PgSQL.

In comparison with MySQL, PostgreSQL is more fully featured and consistent, and has better support for large multi-processor environments.

This appliance includes all the standard features in TurnKey Core, and on top of that:

  • Web Control Panel
  • Adminer administration frontend for PostgreSQL (listening on port 12322 - uses SSL).
  • Webmin modules for configuring PostgreSQL.
  • PostgreSQL is configured to listen on its default port (5432/tcp) on all interfaces by default, and accept connections from all hosts. In a production environment, it is recommended to limit incoming connections to specific hosts by configuring Host and User access in /etc/postgresql/9.1/main/pg_hba.conf.
  • PostgreSQL password encryption enabled by default (security).
  • The postgres user is trusted when connecting over local unix sockets (convenience).
  • PostGIS support.

Credentials (passwords set at first boot)

  • Webmin, SSH: username root
  • PostgreSQL, Adminer: username postgres
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