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This project builds a Debian bootstrap for use as a base for building TurnKey GNU/Linux appliances.

A bootstrap is the minimal root filesystem in which packages can be installed. As of v16.0 / Debian 10/Buster TurnKey uses a default "minbase" variant Debian bootstrap, with the addition of a couple of packages.

For further info please run:

make help

Build & copy to bootstraps directory

If you are building a bootstrap for local use only, then it is not necessary to do a complete make (which will generate a tarball as noted below). Instead you can just build to the removelist target.

That will build the bootstrap and remove the pre-set list of files noted within the removelist file. You can then copy the generated bootstrap across to the bootstraps directory:

export RELEASE=debian/::CODENAME::
make clean
make removelist
rsync --delete -Hac build/bootstrap/ $FAB_PATH/bootstraps/$(basename $RELEASE)/

Generate release tarball, sign and publish

These notes have been superceeded by buildtasks/bt-bootstrap but noted here for historical purposes:

ARCH=$(dpkg --print-architecture)
TARBALL=$FAB_PATH/build/bootstrap-$(basename $RELEASE)-$ARCH.tar.gz
ln build/bootstrap.tar.gz $TARBALL

cd turnkey-builds
source vars
export PUBLISH_DEST=${PUBLISH_IMAGES}/bootstrap/
$BT_BIN/generate-signature $TARBALL
$BT_BIN/signature-sign $TARBALL.hash
contrib/publish-files $TARBALL $TARBALL.hash


TurnKey bootstrap



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