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OctoHub: Low level Python and CLI interface to GitHub

OctoHub is a Python package that provides a low level interface to the full GitHub v3 API:

OctoHub was developed out of a need to have a one-to-one interface to the GitHub API based on the excellent online documentation, with the least amount of abstraction.

OctoHub does do its part by parsing raw json responses into Pythonic attribute dictionaries, as well providing an optional iterative Pager for handling pagination.

Also included is a command line interface for quick interaction with GitHub's API.

Speaking of development, it's really easy to leverage the base code to develop higher level tools, see contrib for some examples. We also love pull requests, see our gitflow for guidelines and walk through.


$ git clone https://github.com/turnkeylinux/octohub.git
$ cd octohub
$ sudo make install


GitHub Token

OctoHub can be used anonymously, but is much more useful when authenticated. You can create a revokable access token under Personal API Tokens in your account settings.

Usage examples (API)

>>> from octohub.connection import Connection

>>> conn = Connection(token)
>>> uri = '/repos/turnkeylinux/tracker/issues'
>>> response = conn.send('GET', uri, params={'labels': 'bug'})
>>> for issue in response.parsed:
...:    print issue.title

>>> from octohub.connection import Pager
>>> pager = Pager(conn, uri)
>>> for issue in pager:
...:    print issue.title

Usage examples (CLI)

# A Personal Access Token from your GitHub account:
#   Account Settings > Applications > Personal Access Tokens > Create new token
$ export OCTOHUB_TOKEN=d34db33fd34db33fd34db33fd34db33fd34db33f
$ octohub GET /repos/turnkeylinux/tracker/issues labels=feature

INFO [response]: status: 200 OK
INFO [response]: x-ratelimit-limit: 5000
INFO [response]: x-ratelimit-remaining: 4997
  "body": "...
  "title": "...

$ cat repo.json
  "name": "test",
  "description": "My test project",
  "homepage": "http://www.turnkeylinux.org",
$ octohub POST /user/repos --input=repo.json

INFO [response]: status: 201 Created
INFO [response]: x-ratelimit-limit: 5000
INFO [response]: x-ratelimit-remaining: 4996

For more example usage:

$ octohub --help