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Custom Stickerpacks

Share stickers and customize your experience with custom sticker packs, supported by Dimension.

Creating a sticker pack

  1. Start a conversation with
  2. Say !stickers newpack and follow the instructions.
  3. Share the URL with your friends.

Adding custom sticker packs to your sticker picker

  1. Make sure you're using Dimension as an integration manager.
  2. Open the sticker picker (smiley icon next to where you type messages).
  3. Click the Edit button in the top right.
  4. Paste the URL to the sticker pack you want to add into the box and click "Add Stickerpack".
  5. Close Dimension and start using the stickers.

Admin/Operator guide: Enabling custom sticker packs / using your own sticker manager

In Dimension's configuration, make sure the following section exists:

# Custom sticker pack options.
# Largely based on
  # Whether or not to allow people to add custom sticker packs
  enabled: true

  # The sticker manager bot to promote
  stickerBot: ""

  # The sticker manager URL to promote
  managerUrl: ""

Provided the enabled flag is true, users will be able to add custom sticker packs to their pickers. Custom stickers may require federation to work, and so it suggested that non-federated or closed environments use a dedicated instance of turt2live/matrix-sticker-manager - the project which makes work. The stickerBot should be whichever user account is used by the sticker manager, and the managerUrl should be the base URL of the manager.

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