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DesigniteJava is a code quality assessment tool for code written in Java. It detects numerous design and implementation smells. It also computes many commonly used object-oriented metrics.


  • Detects 17 design smells
    • Imperative Abstraction
    • Multifaceted Abstraction
    • Unnecessary Abstraction
    • Unutilized Abstraction
    • Deficient Encapsulation
    • Unexploited Encapsulation
    • Broken Modularization
    • Cyclic-Dependent Modularization
    • Insufficient Modularization
    • Hub-like Modularization
    • Broken Hierarchy
    • Cyclic Hierarchy
    • Deep Hierarchy
    • Missing Hierarchy
    • Multipath Hierarchy
    • Rebellious Hierarchy
    • Wide Hierarchy
  • Detects 10 implementation smells
    • Abstract Function Call From Constructor
    • Complex Conditional
    • Complex Method
    • Empty catch clause
    • Long Identifier
    • Long Method
    • Long Parameter List
    • Long Statement
    • Magic Number
    • Missing default
  • Computes following object-oriented metrics
    • LOC (Lines Of Code - at method and class granularity)
    • CC (Cyclomatic Complexity - Method)
    • PC (Parameter Count - Method)
    • NOF (Number of Fields - Class)
    • NOPF (Number of Public Fields - Class)
    • NOM (Number of Methods - Class)
    • NOPM (Number of Public Methods - Class)
    • WMC (Weighted Methods per Class - Class)
    • NC (Number of Children - Class)
    • DIT (Depth of Inheritance Tree - Class)
    • LCOM (Lack of Cohesion in Methods - Class)
    • FANIN (Fan-in - Class)
    • FANOUT (Fan-out - Class)

Where can I get the latest release?

You may download the executable jar from the Designite website.


We use maven to develop and build this application with the help of Eclipse IDE and libraries. To create a runnable jar, run the following command in the directory where the repository is cloned:

mvn clean install

If you use Eclipse:

  • open the project using Eclipse
  • then right-click on the project name and select 'run as > maven install'

Execute the tool

After the previous step is done:

  • Open terminal/command line console and run the jar
  java -jar Designite.jar -i <path of the input source folder> -o <path of the output folder>


Feel free to clone/fork/contribute to the DesigniteJava open-source project.

Report Bugs

Open an issue if you encounter a bug in the tool.


Apart from me, following people generously contributed efforts to this project.

  • Antonis Gkortzis
  • Theodore Stassinopoulos
  • Alexandra Chaniotakis