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This PR adds support for recording "New Episodes" versus "Repeat Episodes".

The EPG has a new column ("Repeat") which displays if a program is a New Episode or a Repeat. (i.e. was this program ever aired or is it the first time it's broadcast?) Similarly, there is a new filter to show only new or all episodes.

AutoRec has been modified to also allow recording of only new episodes (or all episodes).

(This PR was created because I didn't like recording every episode of a particular program and then later going back and deleting the repeat/rerun episodes manually. This also saves you time because you don't need to know what timeslot that new airings are broadcast since you just create rules such as: "Record MythBusters - New Episodes Only")

NOTE: This has only been tested with xmltv EPG source. It shouldn't break other EPG sources but I'm not sure if this supply the neccessary is_repeat flag.

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I'm going to hold of on this for a bit. It's a good idea and I want to get it included, but the EPG code is going through some updates to fix some problems and following that I was going to start work on DVR updates (see

This will obviously fit in nicely with that work, but it may not be entirely compatible. Plus any updates to HTSP first require discussion with regard to the ongoing API update.

Maybe try and chat on #hts sometime?


OK - I'll try to catch up with you on IRC... (I've been on a few times but only very briefly and you were away)

However, would you consider it worth using this patch as a short-term solution?

I could definitely see your point though if the DVR updates are going to be implemented soon, but if it's several months away I think many users would be happy to have this functionality in the meantime.

@adamsutton adamsutton was assigned Oct 19, 2012

Any updates on this capability?


Are there any updates on this capability?


The new 4.1 code has 'Broadcast type' field in autorec which does exactly this thing. If episode is new / repeated - it should be visible when you click on the event details in EPG grid, but I agree that this might be better to show it directly in the grid using an icon...

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