Bootstrap 2.1.0 released! #182

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I know you are probably hard at work converting the latest version (or someone is ;-), but just wanted to give a heads up (and an issue to slam shut when finished).

tom edit: Can I ask that you stop +1ing this issue thread now, it's not going to get it released any quicker. I have a few hours tonight to look at it, and I will release before with the fixes currently inbranch for those not looking to upgrade. If you want an email notification on release you can subscribe to the issues thread at the bottom of the page. Cheers!


The new version is fantastic!
I'll try to help as possible!

McPants commented Aug 21, 2012

Can't wait!


thomas-mcdonald commented Aug 21, 2012

Yeah, I'll take a look at it later.

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@thomas-mcdonald is there any documentation of the process you've been following to convert to sass? It might help get some assistance in maintaining and working through updating when official releases are announced.

jonchay commented Aug 21, 2012


gtd commented Aug 21, 2012

Guys, did you not see Tom's edit on the original issue? Please stop spamming him with +s, he's on it.

badp commented Aug 21, 2012


there I fixed it

@superchink I was thinking the same thing. I've worked through a few areas myself but mixins in particular can get a bit tricky.

I won't +1 this, but I'd love it if you could put a GitTip (or whatever) on this project so I can pay you. You've saved me a ridiculous amount of time over the past few months with your hard work. The least I can do is (virtually) buy you a beer or six.


(edit: apparently gittip doesn't allow me to give you a one-off donation, which I think is dumb.)

I second @aaronbrethorst request. I would like to make a donation as well. Thanks for the excellent work.

sindresorhus referenced this issue in yeoman/yeoman Aug 22, 2012


Upgrade to latest Twitter Bootstrap #236

I third @aaronbrethorst bootstrap-sass is a great time saver!

zegal74 commented Aug 23, 2012


dszczyt commented Aug 23, 2012

I hav started the work on . Still doesn't work, I'm trying to solve the issues...

EDIT : work done, sass compiles, tests pass, waiting for seeing it in action...


ghost commented Aug 24, 2012

@dszczyt how can i use your fork in my current project? I alraedy have bootstrap-sass gem installed, i attempted to modify my gemfile

gem "bootstrap-sass", :git => 'git://'

and then run

~> gem uninstall bootstrap-sass && bundle install

but its still referencing

dszczyt commented Aug 24, 2012

I didn't change the version number in the gemspec file. Fixed.
I ran the command :

find ~/.rvm -iname bootstrap-sass-2.0\* -exec r m -r {} \; 

(be careful before running this command, remove the space between the r and the m after checking !)
Ran bundle update again...
And.... surprise ! it works !!!

rykov commented Aug 24, 2012

If you're not seeing changes, touch the files that have @include 'bootstrap' to flush the caches

Also, $gridColumnWidth and $gridGutterWidth don't seem to be working in @dszczyt's branch

dszczyt commented Aug 24, 2012

should work with my last update


corny commented Aug 24, 2012

SASS 3.2 has been released as well. It would like to see bootstrap-sass depending on SASS 3.2 to support variables in Media Queries (see #107)

rvrm commented Aug 24, 2012

@dszczyt: I'm getting Mixin gridInput is missing argument $gutterWidth

I've switched to @dszczyt's fork but is still serving the old Bootstrap. I've tried to touch the files with the include but the same result. Any tip?

OK, answering myself:

gem uninstall bootstrap-sass
bundle update bootstrap-sass

Now it works.

pdf commented Aug 24, 2012

@corny depending on sass 3.2 should not happen at this time, in this gem. First, sass-rails is still at 3.1, so if you want newer sass, go file an issue against that gem. Also, this gem is already ~> 3.1, so if you explicitly ask for sass-rails 3.2 (assuming it's released at some stage), you won't get a conflict. Finally, your request is completely off-topic to this issue and has no place here.


corny commented Aug 24, 2012

@pdf ok, I agree with you.

dszczyt commented Aug 24, 2012

@rvrm do you have the issue again ?

sclara commented Aug 24, 2012

@dszczyt I have the same issue. Mixin gridInput is missing argument $gutterWidth.

dszczyt commented Aug 24, 2012

Are you using the responsive version ? There were mistakes in it. It should work now.

m47730 commented Aug 24, 2012

Guys, i think is a bit unpleasant talking about dszczyt fork here.
If you want support for his version (that i'm going to use, and i thanks him for his work) i think is more appropriate to go to his github fork page.

dszczyt commented Aug 24, 2012

And if @thomas-mcdonald wants to merge my branch, I'm ok with that :) I just reused most of his work...
And thanks to @keysen who helped me to do it faster.

hadees commented Aug 24, 2012

@dszczyt why not issue a pull request then? I doubt he is reading this comment thread. Otherwise if you end up keeping up with the fork I'd suggest renaming the gem. However I wouldn't see why @thomas-mcdonald wouldn't be willing to merge in your changes.

sgrif commented Aug 28, 2012

Can we get an update on where this is at?



thomas-mcdonald commented Aug 28, 2012

I've been at Leeds Festival this weekend, and something came up the other night which meant I couldn't get the time to work on an update.

I see there has been a pull request with the update but it breaks with Sass 3.1. I'm going to go through it now, fix it & push it onto a branch for testing.


ghost commented Aug 28, 2012

+1 @thomas-mcdonald you rock.

👍 Amazing work! I'm using anjlab/bootstrap-rails right now, but plan to switch back as soon as this is finished!


Linuus commented Aug 31, 2012

I really look forward to the new 2.1 stuff :) Can't wait! Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with @thomas-mcdonald


thomas-mcdonald commented Sep 1, 2012

gem 'bootstrap-sass', git: 'git://', branch: '2.1-wip'

A combination of the changes in #185 and some bits redone (grid generation), as well as (what should be, travis is down) fixes for Sass 3.1.

Give it a whirl and create a new issue if you find problems, although I've replaced the compiled output with the documentation CSS and everything looked fine, so there hopefully shouldn't be too many. I'll push a gem release in a couple of days if there's no more issues to report.

@thomas-mcdonald YOU ARE MY HERO! Thank you!

cice commented Sep 2, 2012


ffloyd commented Sep 2, 2012

@thomas-mcdonald thanks! You made my day!

hamo commented Sep 2, 2012

@thomas-mcdonald THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You do a GREAT job my hero!

+1 ,,, Thank You @thomas-mcdonald



thomas-mcdonald commented Sep 6, 2012

Pushed the gem yo.

john commented Sep 6, 2012

Thank you!

Woohoo! Thanks!

On Sep 6, 2012, at 8:36 AM, Thomas McDonald wrote:

Pushed the gem yo.

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub.

Thank you!

dbrock commented Sep 6, 2012

Yay!! :D

Now I 1) will get to try Bootstrap 2.1.0, and 2) won't get these
notifications any more!

Thanks for the work guys.

You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

rooshdi commented Sep 6, 2012

Thank You! You are awesome!

On Sep 6, 2012 10:36 AM, "Thomas McDonald" wrote:

Pushed the gem yo.

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub.


And now we just need to bump to 2.1.1 :)

mikeg250 commented Sep 8, 2012

Github needs a DONATE button! Thank you Thomas!

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