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Direct download links (or CDN) #1679

JustinDrake opened this Issue · 117 comments

How can I get the file bootstrap.css directly (without having to download the whole .zip file)? Is there a CDN of some sort?


Maybe something like CDNJS would help?


+1 for a CDN
Would be nice to have bootstrap cached on the browser once for thousands of sites to benefit.


It's also not versioned nor guaranteed to not move.


+1 for a CDN


+1 for a CDN for both minified CSS and JS


:+1: for CDN


Another +1 for a CDN


Needs, CDN, badly, please. +1


@mindctrl what about the convenience of not having to download, unzip, ... it?

I really like being able to bootstrap projects as fast as this:

<!doctype html>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
<script src=""></script>
<h1>My new awesome project</h1>

+1 for a CDN


+1 for a CDN






Looks like someone added it on CDNJS:, not sure who


@caniszczyk Thanks for the link. Now we just need to get off the ground.


:+1: 4 CDN ;)





wub commented





+1 for hosting Javascript modules and Css on CDN


Aye. +1




I don't believe that will be someday. Why?

Simple, you can customize your bootstrap. That version is already compiled with "Less". So, unless you want to use the default colors/grid sizes/fonts/ I can't see why the dev team will put the bootstrap.css in a CDN service.
JQuery UI has, but only the default themes. Not the themeroller.

The same for javascript files. You don't need all the js files in your project.

By the way, why people put +1? I don't think it will help.


Good point elrafael, but I think many people just use the default anyway, plus maybe a couple of overrides in their own stylesheets.

People just put +1 to show the demand is there.


Also, with less.js, you can use the CDN version and still customize to your hearts content. CDN pls pls.
















+1 many use it as a scaffolding and quick prototyping, it would be nice to have CDN links






Maybe we should ask about it on some open CDN hosting?
It seems there's cdnjs, but it doesn't host CSS, any other options?


+1 for CDN


It would be very handy when working on jsFiddle to build a failure case before submitting a bug.


Google have CDN services for jquery and jqueryUI. so why not Bootstrap








+1 I've been discussing this exact thing with a friend. She works at a major CDN and may be able to make this happen. Stay tuned!








+1 Honestly surprised this hasn't happened yet.


I read an article about CDN or NOT CDN: html5shiv and serving content from code repository, maybe we should host our own bootstrap.min.css???


This would be fantastic! It would make creating development wireframes so easy for my company.


No, it's not. There's only JS assets, without CSS?


what is the point? Arent you planning on customizing any of the css?
if you are looking for a cdn for free bandwidth, then use the amazon s3 promo tier.
Doesnt make sense to put the whole bootstrap min on a css, then add another custom css file next to it which conflicts with original classes. Good practice to sweep styles you are not using, not to add more beyond them.


I need it for small projects like docs ( like this one ), prototyping and sharing bugs in online editors. All custom css in such cases are usually a couple of lines in HTML style tag.


Yeah, not to much style changes there. Why not just throw it up on app engine or s3 and have your own private CDN? It will be just as fast.


Hmm, yes, it's possible, but I have a feeling that I'm not alone and there are lots of people that have similar use cases, everyone will benefit if it would be publicly available from CDN.


the only CDN im aware of for CSS is CDNCSS by CDNJS and it really hasn't taken off. I do agree that if could be useful.


The issue with S3 (at least worldwide) is when you get into Asian Pacific regions. I have heard of bad experiences. If only Akamai CDN wasn't so expensive.

EDIT: anyone tried Rackspace Cloud Files? I hear its pay by usage at 0.15 per GB stored and 0.18 per GB transferred over Akamai.


I recommended Amazon S3 for their free usuage tier. Theoretically you could get a free CDN if you just have a different credit card each year. Although i have not tried to screw them out of paying any fees.

As for Paid CDN.
I highly suggest you check out NetDNA. They are blazing fast, their team is amazing, and the pricing is very affordable.
For basic sites they have MaxCDN.

Might want to reach out to MaxCDN and see if they are willing to freely host Bootstrap. I am sure they couple it with a cool domain name and promo marketing for MaxCDN it would be worthwhile.


that sponsorship might be the best route. or maybe twitter can share its CDN ;)


We (NetDNA/MaxCDN) will sponsor this project. We tried do something like this but didn't have the resources to keep it up to date. Anyone else building cool things like this & needs a sponsored account send me a message.


This is another reason NetDNA is simply amazing! We use godaddy cloud servers which is a decent choice for cloud hosting. Where it can get expensive is outbound bandwidth. We slash our outgoing bandwidth rates by 1/2 by using MaxCDN (netdna) for our static resources.

This blows away my previous comments of simply uploading bootstrap to amazon S3. MaxCDN has servers all over the USA / World. Plus having a public URL that we all can share is sure to speed up repeat requests.

It would be really nice to be able to have a CDN url for the Bootrap CSS files, along with the individual js files, and one for the bootstrap combined js file.

Really cool!




Looks like its happening soon!




+1 with the javascript combined and minified as well.
See for a compelling case to adopt CDN whenever possible.


PS--"problem" with cdnjs is that it doesn't seem to support SSL. So if your site is SSL, including a http asset introduces problems.


A CDN isn't useful if your site is over SSL as there is no caching benefit from other domains. With SSL the only thing it saves is your servers bandwidth.


@xeoncross: But that's not the only benefit of a CDN resource called via https. One would also benefit from (to paraphrase) the advantages of geographically-distributed CDN servers vs your own "arbitrarily-located" server.
Plus, if I understand this correctly, increased parallelism comes into play.


CDNJS is also extremely slow at random times. Their service is great for a Poor man's CDN, but wont give you any real performance, all it might do is save you a few cents off your bandwith bill. Now that NetDNA / MaxCDN has decided to host bootstrap on it would be very cool if they also had other popular frameworks. Compared to other CDN providers they have a ton of edge locations, and are lightning fast. In our tests from both NY and Northern California, content from their edge locations loads faster than both google app engine and amazon.

Cant wait!


@Xeoncross, if a cdn does not support https then you get mixed content warnings on your ssl pages. there are added benefits because a proper cdn uses gzip, cookieless domains. And although the content from Https will not cache in some browsers, its still a huge performance results from closer edge locations, and using a different domain name for parallel downloads. We use a combo of amazon cloud and godaddy cloud servers. The cdn provider we use, is cheaper on outgoing bandwidth than either of our hosting partners. For us its a no brainer to use CDN (https) for all our static requests (images, css, pdf, js) All our servers create and push are html.


Ok here you go kids:

Yes it has SSL Support. Please help me make the site better:



Good man. Thank you.


Just beware that when @jdorfman decides to pull the plug (or has downtime), your sites will become unusable. (Not saying that he would, but maybe something to keep in mind before you build all your sites with this cdn)


@Barryvdh you make a valid point. At the very bottom of the site I state: "This free service comes with no warranty. NetDNA LLC. shall not be held responsible for any issues related to availability or performance." I should make it bigger.

With that said I was hoping our competitors (EdgeCast, Amazon, Fastly, etc.) would fork their own version and offer this as a free service.

If you are using Bootstrap CDN in production and are experiencing performance issues email me direct: jdorfman at netdna dot com. I will make sure it gets resolved in a timely fashion.


I have been using NetDNA (max CDN) for two years. Never had any issues in regards to downtime. If you are super worried you can always use a fallback url that hosts the files on your own servers, similar to what is done with Jquery in html boilerplate.

With that said, the same could be true of goolgle and microsoft hosting free items such as jquery. They both do not come with a 100% guarantee that they will be up forever.


Thanks NetDNA. @jdorfman, can you add Asia edge to it?


@KayLeung you are welcome. I will see what I can do. Only issue currently is SSL will not work in APAC.


@Bootstrap. I think you can close this issue. What would be really neat is if the bootstrap examples used links from the CDN, maybe with local fallbacks. The more people use this service, the quicker it will be. It would be great to see if twitter has some feedback on @jdorfman / NetDNA's project


For those who are hesitant using bootstrapcdn we now have public status page that monitors uptime and performance:


Tagging this issue as popular, please stop commenting on this issue with +1. thanks!


Can't it be put on Google's CDN? Bootstrap is a really popular tool.


Closing as there are a number of cdn's that offer this now. If you'd like it on google, please raise it with the google bros - :)

@fat fat closed this

I filed a ticket on google-ajax-apis bug tracker asking for Google CDN support for Bootstrap.

To add your +1, please star the issue:



There's an error in the minified JS link above. The extension should be .js, not .css; i.e:


CNDJS blows.
why dont you use the NetDna twitterbootstrap?


@barrydorman Good catch, fixed.




A solution also is:


+1 too. I wonder which one to use now though and which is faster or ?

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