2.3.1 wip #7111

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fat commented Mar 1, 2013

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@fat fat merged commit eb24718 into master Mar 1, 2013

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Yohn commented Mar 1, 2013

👍 thanks for the bug fixes!

I just updated my current project and nothing broke so far lol
I did notice (I believe it was in the previous version to) that using selector: '[title]' for the tooltips wasnt working =/


Fixes #6835.

rzhw replied Mar 1, 2013

dropdown-menu is only being used as a CSS class instead of an event namespace, isn't it?

this should be

.on('click.dropdown.data-api', '.dropdown-menu', function (e) { e.stopPropagation() })

Also see: http://api.jquery.com/on/

.on( events [, selector ] [, data ], handler(eventObject) )

@mitnal: Awesome, open a pull request.

@cvrebert will do as soon as I have time, perhaps on the weekend.

I opened a pull request against 3.0.0-wip (#7211), if needed I can also open one against master.


Fixes #6833.


Fixes #6872.

I approved this commit message.

I enjoy that twitter isn't too classy for accurate commit messages.

Best commit message I've ever seen.

Djeg replied Mar 25, 2013

How many times i've said this just before or after a commit, but never IN a commit ... myself approve!

Epic commit is epic.

As all the comments here revolve around the commit message, I feel compelled to share http://www.commitlogsfromlastnight.com/


I had to check the commit based entirely on the message.


😄 self explanatory commit message



Agreed with everyone. Accurate and descriptive.


Loved the commit message on this on 👍 Absolutely had to see what happened in the code to merit such a magnificent piece of poetry in the log :D

Loved too this commit message!

xles replied May 10, 2013




Shiiiit indeed.


Fixes #7098 / a part of #7022.


Fixes #6832.


Thanks for cranking this one out @fat - hope you get the most wunderful weekend!

PHLAK commented Mar 1, 2013

These are good fixes but those commit messages are terrible. At least try to be descriptive of the changes made.


The last argument (this) breaks functionality for me. The key and value params become undefined within the function, so options stays empty. This leads to defaults overwriting this._options.

Deleting the last argument works for me.


Breaks middle mouse button on Firefox, see #7118.

I can confirm that this breaks the middle mouse button on Firefox. With the below proposed solution the middle mouse button works.

This also caused an out of memory exception in IE8 whenever something like this was called:

Should this be:
.on('click.dropdown.data-api', '.dropdown-menu', function (e) { e.stopPropagation() })

As is, clicking on empty space or in inputs closes the drop downs.

See below (40b7a90#commitcomment-2765332) and #7211.

@mjvestal Sorry didn't see your comment on the pull request.

Bootstrap don't open in new tab when click middle mouse button, how to fix it ?


why do you include "this" here?

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