A short list of what I use for most projects
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Warning: Opinions below


What How Why
Text Editor Visual Studio Code Open source, pluggable, modern
UI Library React UI as a function
Boilerplate create-react-app Don't waste time configuring a build system
CSS Framework Bulma Nice approach to layout using flexbox; clean components
Backend Firebase Simple and straightforward
Extra backend if needed Node, koa, DigitalOcean

Development tools

What How Why
Linting ESLint Saves potential bugs and keeps code simple
Prettifying Prettier Don't waste time on code formatting


What How Why
Immutability Helper immutability-helper Makes react's setState simple
Javascript utilities Lodash Custom code is a liability, use well tested modules
Date utilities date-fns Functional-style date helpers


What How Why
Functional programming Functional-Light-JS Book Functional programming is a great way to write simple, clear code
How to use classes How to Use Classes and Sleep at Night Classes and other object oriented concepts encourage unnecessary complexity