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JSON API for BuddyPress Plugin


JSON API for BuddyPress is a plugin, that supports the JSON API Plugin with a new Controller to get information from BuddyPress.

For further information refer to the GitHub Project Page at http://tweichart.github.com/JSON-API-for-BuddyPress

==Release Notes==


  • added possibility to get avatars and user meta data from profile_get_profile


  • added support for de_DE
  • added support for es_ES (all credits to the spanish translation to Andrew Kurtis from webhostinghub.com)
  • changed folder structure


  • code review
  • added documentation


  • now checking for permissions bevore retrieving data (security)
  • need for authentication pushed to 2.0


  • extended functionality for settings


  • extended functionality for forums


  • extended functionality for groups


  • extended functionality for friends


  • extended functionality for messages / notifications
  • reworked the framework


  • extended functionality for profile
  • new parameter 'limit' for get_activity
  • including error handler function


  • extended functionality for activity


  • initial commit