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Rails/engines plugin creating an online shop.
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#summary How to install Substruct

= Installing Substruct =

== Introduction ==

This software package is developed using the Engines plugin. To find out more about how to use engines in general, go to

*These directions assume you already have a working Rails hosting environment. This means...*
 * A web server such as
   * Webrick (included with Rails)
   * Apache
   * Lighttpd
 * A rails app server
   * Mongrel
   * FastCGI
 * MySQL / PGSql
 * Ruby
 * Rails
 * Rubygems

These directions _also_ assume you have some familiarity with developing Rails applications in general and a working knowledge of your file system.

== Installation ==

=== 0. Install the following gems...Substruct needs them to function properly. ===
 * RedCloth
 * fastercsv
 * mime-types
 * mini_magick
 * ezcrypto


gem install RedCloth
gem install fastercsv
gem install mime-types
gem install mini_magick
gem install ezcrypto


!! NOTE !! Be sure openssl is also installed. For Debian linux boxes this is _not_ included in the default Ruby installer. If you are running on debian it's as easy as typing 'apt-get install libopenssl-ruby1.8'

=== 1. Download & extract the latest release ===

All releases are stored as tar / gzipped files here:

They are marked with version numbers. Grab the latest one and extract it.

For instance, if you were working with release 0.97, you'd type the following on OS X and Linux


tar -xzvf substruct_rel_0-97.tar.gz


[GettingTheCode If you'd rather use SVN to download the latest code click here.]

=== 2. Set up your databases and edit your database.yml file ===

You'll need to have a running MySQL or PGSql instance, and create the proper databases for use.

We recommend the following:

 * substruct_development
 * substruct_test
 * substruct_production

Edit your database.yml file to make sure that Rails can access your database properly.
For more information on the database.yml file, visit this url:

=== 3. Initialize your database ===

Run this command from inside the substruct directory you extracted previously


rake substruct:db:bootstrap


== Usage ==

Fire up your environment!


ruby script/server


Try to login to http://localhost:3000/admin as ''admin'' / ''admin''

=== Misc ===

If you're going to be doing credit card transactions you need a processor account. [wiki:AuthorizeNet Check out how to get one.]

Make sure you check out [MaintainingSubstruct how to maintain Substruct via cron] as well.
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