Wordpress command auto-install script
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WP-CLI script that interactively install Wordpress, Disable some unwanted stuff, install bunch of plugins and resert the Wordpress to a normal working state.

Make it more CMS like not blog like. Auto-disable all comments. Install CMS usefull plugins such as Timber, ACF, Posts2post, WP-pagnavi, Simple image sizes, W3TC, Wordfence (see full list in script).


  • SSH
  • PHP 5.6 (wp-cli is not compatible with PHP 7 just yet)
  • WP-CLI
  • (MySQL Database ready)

In terminal run:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/twentyfortysix/wp_init/master/wp_init.sh
chmod +x wp_init.sh

respond to questions:

  • Site Name:
  • Site url (example.com/wp):
  • Admin name:
  • Admin email:
  • Database User:
  • Database Name:
  • Database Password:
  • Database Prefix:
  • Discurage searchengines (0 - yes, 1 - no):
  • Add Pages:
  • DB location: Localhost - 1 or Mac os environment - 2
  • Run Install? (y/n)

(If you wanna know what plugins are installed on the way, check the script)

Tired of answering questions one by one? (send them straight each answer is wrapped by \n)

echo -e "site\nlocalhost\n2046\n2046@2046.cz\ndbuser\ndb\npass\nwp_\n0\nContact\n1\ny" | ./wp_init.sh

(Among others, the script deletes WP themes and loads the Almond milk Timber template starter)

Done. I mean - Lets go work now.