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Pillar Contracts


The pillar ICO is made of three contracts which are ERC20 compliant token built using OpenZeppelin library.
The naming convention used describs the purpose of the individual contracts.

  1. PillarPreSale -
  2. PillarToken - deployed in Rinkeby testnet
  3. TeamAllocation -
  4. UnsoldAllocation - deployed in Rinkeby testnet


We use Truffle in order to compile and test the contracts.

It can be installed: npm install -g truffle

For more information visit

Also running node with active json-rpc is required. For testing puproses we suggest using


./ - run testrpc node with required params

truffle compile - compile all contracts

truffle test - run tests



Extends Zeppelin Ownable and StandardToken classes.
This class will handle the ICO transaction.


pause() - emergency stop of ICO

function pause() onlyOwner external returns (bool)

payable - validator function

function() payable isFundingModeStop external

purchase - carry out purchase transaction

function purchase() payable isFundingModeStop external

finalize - end the ICO gracefully

finalize() external onlyOwner

refund -

function refund() isFundingModeStop external



event Refund(address indexed _from,uint256 _value);


event Migrate(address indexed _from, address indexed _to, uint256 _value);