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pragma solidity ^0.4.11;
import './TeamAllocation.sol';
import './UnsoldAllocation.sol';
import './zeppelin/SafeMath.sol';
import './zeppelin/token/StandardToken.sol';
import './zeppelin/ownership/Ownable.sol';
import './zeppelin/lifecycle/Pausable.sol';
/// @title PillarToken - Crowdfunding code for the Pillar Project
/// @author Parthasarathy Ramanujam, Gustavo Guimaraes, Ronak Thacker
contract PillarToken is StandardToken, Ownable {
using SafeMath for uint;
string public constant name = "PILLAR";
string public constant symbol = "PLR";
uint public constant decimals = 18;
TeamAllocation public teamAllocation;
UnsoldAllocation public unsoldTokens;
UnsoldAllocation public twentyThirtyAllocation;
UnsoldAllocation public futureSaleAllocation;
uint constant public minTokensForSale = 32000000e18;
uint constant public maxPresaleTokens = 48000000e18;
uint constant public totalAvailableForSale = 528000000e18;
uint constant public futureTokens = 120000000e18;
uint constant public twentyThirtyTokens = 80000000e18;
uint constant public lockedTeamAllocationTokens = 16000000e18;
uint constant public unlockedTeamAllocationTokens = 8000000e18;
address public unlockedTeamStorageVault = 0x4162Ad6EEc341e438eAbe85f52a941B078210819;
address public twentyThirtyVault = 0xe72bA5c6F63Ddd395DF9582800E2821cE5a05D75;
address public futureSaleVault = 0xf0231160Bd1a2a2D25aed2F11B8360EbF56F6153;
address unsoldVault;
//Storage years
uint constant coldStorageYears = 10;
uint constant futureStorageYears = 3;
uint totalPresale = 0;
// Funding amount in ether
uint public constant tokenPrice = 0.0005 ether;
// Multisigwallet where the proceeds will be stored.
address public pillarTokenFactory;
uint fundingStartBlock;
uint fundingStopBlock;
// flags whether ICO is afoot.
bool fundingMode;
//total used tokens
uint totalUsedTokens;
event Refund(address indexed _from,uint256 _value);
event Migrate(address indexed _from, address indexed _to, uint256 _value);
event MoneyAddedForRefund(address _from, uint256 _value,uint256 _total);
modifier isNotFundable() {
if (fundingMode) throw;
modifier isFundable() {
if (!fundingMode) throw;
//@notice Constructor of PillarToken
//@param `_pillarTokenFactory` - multisigwallet address to store proceeds.
//@param `_icedWallet` - Multisigwallet address to which unsold tokens are assigned
function PillarToken(address _pillarTokenFactory, address _icedWallet) {
if(_pillarTokenFactory == address(0)) throw;
if(_icedWallet == address(0)) throw;
pillarTokenFactory = _pillarTokenFactory;
totalUsedTokens = 0;
totalSupply = 800000000e18;
unsoldVault = _icedWallet;
//allot 8 million of the 24 million marketing tokens to an address
balances[unlockedTeamStorageVault] = unlockedTeamAllocationTokens;
//allocate tokens for 2030 wallet locked in for 3 years
futureSaleAllocation = new UnsoldAllocation(futureStorageYears,futureSaleVault,futureTokens);
balances[address(futureSaleAllocation)] = futureTokens;
//allocate tokens for future wallet locked in for 3 years
twentyThirtyAllocation = new UnsoldAllocation(futureStorageYears,twentyThirtyVault,twentyThirtyTokens);
balances[address(twentyThirtyAllocation)] = twentyThirtyTokens;
fundingMode = false;
//@notice Fallback function that accepts the ether and allocates tokens to
//the msg.sender corresponding to msg.value
function() payable isFundable external {
//@notice function that accepts the ether and allocates tokens to
//the msg.sender corresponding to msg.value
function purchase() payable isFundable {
if(block.number < fundingStartBlock) throw;
if(block.number > fundingStopBlock) throw;
if(totalUsedTokens >= totalAvailableForSale) throw;
if (msg.value < tokenPrice) throw;
uint numTokens = msg.value.div(tokenPrice);
if(numTokens < 1) throw;
//transfer money to PillarTokenFactory MultisigWallet
uint tokens = numTokens.mul(1e18);
totalUsedTokens = totalUsedTokens.add(tokens);
if (totalUsedTokens > totalAvailableForSale) throw;
balances[msg.sender] = balances[msg.sender].add(tokens);
//fire the event notifying the transfer of tokens
Transfer(0, msg.sender, tokens);
//@notice Function reports the number of tokens available for sale
function numberOfTokensLeft() constant returns (uint256) {
uint tokensAvailableForSale = totalAvailableForSale.sub(totalUsedTokens);
return tokensAvailableForSale;
//@notice Finalize the ICO, send team allocation tokens
//@notice send any remaining balance to the MultisigWallet
//@notice unsold tokens will be sent to icedwallet
function finalize() isFundable onlyOwner external {
if (block.number <= fundingStopBlock) throw;
if (totalUsedTokens < minTokensForSale) throw;
if(unsoldVault == address(0)) throw;
// switch funding mode off
fundingMode = false;
//Allot team tokens to a smart contract which will frozen for 9 months
teamAllocation = new TeamAllocation();
balances[address(teamAllocation)] = lockedTeamAllocationTokens;
//allocate unsold tokens to iced storage
uint totalUnSold = numberOfTokensLeft();
if(totalUnSold > 0) {
unsoldTokens = new UnsoldAllocation(coldStorageYears,unsoldVault,totalUnSold);
balances[address(unsoldTokens)] = totalUnSold;
//transfer any balance available to Pillar Multisig Wallet
//@notice Function that can be called by purchasers to refund
//@notice Used only in case the ICO isn't successful.
function refund() isFundable external {
if(block.number <= fundingStopBlock) throw;
if(totalUsedTokens >= minTokensForSale) throw;
uint plrValue = balances[msg.sender];
if(plrValue == 0) throw;
balances[msg.sender] = 0;
uint ethValue = plrValue.mul(tokenPrice).div(1e18);
Refund(msg.sender, ethValue);
//@notice Function used for funding in case of refund.
//@notice Can be called only by the Owner
function allocateForRefund() external payable onlyOwner returns (uint){
//does nothing just accepts and stores the ether
return this.balance;
//@notice Function to allocate tokens to an user.
//@param `_to` the address of an user
//@param `_tokens` number of tokens to be allocated.
//@notice Can be called only when funding is not active and only by the owner
function allocateTokens(address _to,uint _tokens) isNotFundable onlyOwner external {
uint numOfTokens = _tokens.mul(1e18);
totalPresale = totalPresale.add(numOfTokens);
if(totalPresale > maxPresaleTokens) throw;
balances[_to] = balances[_to].add(numOfTokens);
//@notice Function to unPause the contract.
//@notice Can be called only when funding is active and only by the owner
function unPauseTokenSale() onlyOwner isNotFundable external returns (bool){
fundingMode = true;
return fundingMode;
//@notice Function to pause the contract.
//@notice Can be called only when funding is active and only by the owner
function pauseTokenSale() onlyOwner isFundable external returns (bool){
fundingMode = false;
return !fundingMode;
//@notice Function to start the contract.
//@param `_fundingStartBlock` - block from when ICO commences
//@param `_fundingStopBlock` - block from when ICO ends.
//@notice Can be called only when funding is not active and only by the owner
function startTokenSale(uint _fundingStartBlock, uint _fundingStopBlock) onlyOwner isNotFundable external returns (bool){
if(_fundingStopBlock <= _fundingStartBlock) throw;
fundingStartBlock = _fundingStartBlock;
fundingStopBlock = _fundingStopBlock;
fundingMode = true;
return fundingMode;
//@notice Function to get the current funding status.
function fundingStatus() external constant returns (bool){
return fundingMode;
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