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What my gear is, what OS I am using, what editor, etc...


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What my gear is, what OS I am using, what editor, etc...

Table of Contents

The Hardware

Let’s start with my gear which you can find on KIT.


  • VS Code
    • I also use Frontmatter as a markdown CMS right in VS Code.
  • iTerm2
  • Warp terminal
  • Arc Browser for admin, home lab, testing, and research.
  • Safari for docs and research
  • Microsoft Edge for search with Bing Chat
  • Jetbrains IDEs
    • PyCharm CE
    • RustRover Pre-release
    • CLion
    • GoLand
  • Raycast instead of Alfred
  • Text Expander
  • Things for tasks.
  • Obsidian for loosely coupled notes.
  • ScreenFlow
    • I use this to record videos for the whole hashtag build in public thing on LinkedIn.
  • StreamLabs OBS Software for Mac
    • Best OBS client on the Mac.
  • CleanShot X for the best screenshots you're going to get on any platform.


Home Server

Yeah I am running a home server of sorts, as my fascination with Home Assistant, InfoSec, and networking/network security continues to grow.

Below is a list of the hardware I use for the rack. Click the details button to see the softare I am running on the network for server and IoT purposes.

You can find my whole HomeLab Setup here on GitHub.


Server software

Some of the software running on the servers

Infrastructure OS
Tools & Runners Software

I Use a lot of software, I admit

But I use ALL OF IT.

So this is my setup and what I am currently using. You can show me your dev setup on Mastodon.



What my gear is, what OS I am using, what editor, etc...







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