Bootstrap components for a formsy-react form.
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formsy-react-components is a selection of React components that render form elements for use in a formsy-react form.

The components render markup to be quickly included in a Bootstrap 3 form. This includes a <label>, help text, and some validation styling tied to formsy’s validation state and validation messages.


To install using yarn:

yarn add formsy-react
yarn add formsy-react-components

To install using npm:

npm install --save formsy-react
npm install --save formsy-react-components

Browser Support

This should run on browsers where both Bootstrap and React are supported.

  • Internet Explorer: polyfills for Set and Array.from are required.


import { Form, Input } from 'formsy-react-components';

const MyForm = (props) => {
    return (
        <Form onSubmit={(data) => { console.log(data) }}>
                label="What is your first name?"



Documentation is a work in progress!

  • For a working code example, visit the Playground, then examine the source.
  • There is some information in /docs.