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It sees from the build repo of Finagle http://maven.twttr.com/com/twitter/finagle-core/ Kestrel is quite behind in terms of where finnagle is, apparently its using finagle-core version of 1.11. I do not understand the scala build system and but I think my assessment is correct. Why is their this special 2.9.1 version thing going around and why, if it is, so behind?


You are correct that kestrel is currently still using finagle 1.11.1.

The next version of kestrel will use scala 2.9.2 and will upgrade to finagle 5.3.x. I'll push the relevant commits to github once the version of finagle I'm using is publicly released.

I'm not sure I follow your question about scala 2.9.1.


Hmm actually in my java code I was looking to use finagle, but the libs where the feature I want to use are in 5.9.1 and the libs are kind of messed up.
Now I have been wanting for a long time to learn scala and I think this is as good a place as any to start. If you are not planning to move to 2.9.2 anytime soon can I give it a shot? Let me know what you think.. I specifically want to use finnagle to not worry about things like retry policies, timeouts, back pressure and stuff like that..


To my knowledge, the most recent public version of finagle is 5.3.9 and work continues on the 5.3.x series.

The work to convert kestrel to a modern finagle version has already been done. It is awaiting the release of artifacts for the specific version of finagle it actually uses. Once they are available, I will publish the kestrel source to github.

If you're having trouble using finagle from Java, I suggest getting on the finaglers google group (see http://twitter.github.com/finagle/).


Sorry to bug you about this but aren't the 5.3.9 artifacts already here: http://maven.twttr.com/com/twitter/finagle-core/5.3.9/
Unless I am completely missing something and you are working on a newer finagle version than 5.3.9?


They are. I pulled it forward to a 5.3.17 build, which isn't available. I'll probably drop back to the 5.3.9 version if 5.3.17 doesn't make it to the externally facing repository soon.


5.3.19 was released publicly yesterday, so I've bumped up to that on master.

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