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package com.twitter.finagle.filter
import com.twitter.util.{Duration, Return, Throw, Stopwatch, Future}
import com.twitter.finagle.{SimpleFilter, Service}
import com.twitter.logging.Logger
trait LogFormatter[-Req, Rep] {
def format(request: Req, reply: Rep, replyTime: Duration): String
def formatException(request: Req, throwable: Throwable, replyTime: Duration): String
* A [[com.twitter.finagle.Filter]] that logs all requests according to
* formatter.
trait LoggingFilter[Req, Rep] extends SimpleFilter[Req, Rep] {
val log: Logger
val formatter: LogFormatter[Req, Rep]
def apply(request: Req, service: Service[Req, Rep]): Future[Rep] = {
val elapsed = Stopwatch.start()
val future = service(request)
future respond {
case Return(reply) =>
log(elapsed(), request, reply)
case Throw(throwable) =>
logException(elapsed(), request, throwable)
protected def log(replyTime: Duration, request: Req, reply: Rep): Unit = {
val line = formatter.format(request, reply, replyTime)
protected def logException(replyTime: Duration, request: Req, throwable: Throwable): Unit = {
val line = formatter.formatException(request, throwable, replyTime), line)