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We want to allow the developers to decide the verbosity of the histograms that they
create with`StatsReceiver`.


Introduce a new param for `MetricsBuilder` to override the default format for
histograms (`HistogramFormat`). A few formats are already supported, including
`NoSummary` and `ShortSummary`, both of which will reduce the histogram

The exporting subsystem (TwitterServer) already respects the new parameter.

The default histogram format remains unchanged and is the same as `FullSummary`.
That said, this commit doesn't introduce a runtime change.

JIRA Issues: CSL-12237

Differential Revision:

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Dec 16, 2011


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This project is used in production at Twitter (and many other organizations), and is being actively developed and maintained.


Releases are done on an approximately monthly schedule. While semver is not followed, the changelogs are detailed and include sections on public API breaks and changes in runtime behavior.

Getting involved

Finagle is an extensible RPC system for the JVM, used to construct high-concurrency servers. Finagle implements uniform client and server APIs for several protocols, and is designed for high performance and concurrency. Most of Finagle’s code is protocol agnostic, simplifying the implementation of new protocols.

For extensive documentation, please see the user guide and API documentation websites. Documentation improvements are always welcome, so please send patches our way.


The following are a few of the companies that are using Finagle:

For a more complete list, please see our adopter page. If your organization is using Finagle, consider adding a link there and sending us a pull request!


We feel that a welcoming community is important and we ask that you follow Twitter's Open Source Code of Conduct in all interactions with the community.

The release branch of this repository contains the latest stable release of Finagle, and weekly snapshots are published to the develop branch. In general pull requests should be submitted against develop. See for more details about how to contribute.


Copyright 2010 Twitter, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0: