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Scoot is a distributed task runner. The core concept of Scoot is the Snapshot, which represents an immutable filesystem state. Scoot allows for execution of commands against input Snapshots to create new output Snapshots.

Scoot Components


The Scheduler receives and distributes jobs to workers, and maintains state. It is also responsible for serving the Cloud Scoot API for clients.


The Worker (workerserver) receives information about jobs and runs them, and is responsible for all Snapshot-related functionality.

Client APIs
  • Cloud Scoot API
  • Worker API
Jobs and Tasks

Scoot work is broken down into independent jobs, which can consist of one or more tasks, which are executed sequentially.

Go Version

Scoot is intended to work with go modules. If this repository is on your GOPATH, please set GO111MODULE=on when working with go tools in this repository, and preferably use the Go distribution pinned in the .github/workflows/ci.yml file.


Setup a scheduler and worker nodes locally:

go run ./setup-cloud-scoot/main.go --strategy local.local

Run a series of randomly generated tests against the local scheduler and workers:

go run ./scheduler/client/scootcl/main.go smoke_test

Scoot Integration Tests

Scoot has a few tests that exercise varying levels of common usages and workflows.


Invokes a scoot client directly to run jobs against a local cluster and waits for the scheduled jobs to complete.



Invokes a scoot client directly to run jobs against a local cluster, kills the cluster, attempts to spin up a new one, and waits for the originally scheduled jobs to complete.



Invokes a scoot and scoot-snapshot-db client via CLI to run a job against a local cluster and waits for the job to complete


Scoot Thrift Code

Thrift Prerequisites Install the Thrift tool and golang thrift repository locally using the following section.

Generating thrift files See documentation in thrift definition files for specific generation instructions, or make thrift.

Development Installation Instructions

Install 3rd party tools:

Thrift (version == 0.9.3)


brew install thrift@0.9

Thrift for go:

go modules will take care of this

Install/Access Scoot Executables and libraries

Install binaries to $GOPATH/bin:

make install


Scoot is a distributed task runner, supporting both a proprietary API and Bazel's Remote Execution.



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