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The Twitter plugin for WordPress supports embedding Moments by pasting a Tweet URL into the WordPress post editor or by customizing a [twitter_moment] shortcode.

Embed using a Moment URL

Embed a Moment in a WordPress post by pasting a Moment URL on its own line in the post editor.

A recap of top Tweets of 2016

Illustrating black holes.

The Twitter plugin for WordPress extends WordPress oEmbed with additional plugin-specific functionality. URL-based embeds pass through the plugin's shortcode handler for site-wide customization of Tweet parameters. JavaScript normally returned in an oEmbed response is enqueued through the WordPress resource manager, improving site performance while centralizing customizations.

Embed using a shortcode

The Twitter plugin for WordPress registers the twitter_moment shortcode handler to allow customization of an embedded Moment through a shortcode macro.

A recap of top Tweets of 2016

[twitter_moment id="814165386312712192" limit="6"]

Illustrating black holes.

Supported shortcode parameters

Attribute Description Example
id The numerical ID of the desired Moment. Appears as the final path component of URL 814165386312712192
width Set the maximum width of the grid in whole pixels 500
limit Limit the maximum number of Tweets displayed 5
chrome Remove the footer component of the embedded grid template nofooter

Site-wide customization using a filter

A website may set site-wide preferences for embedded Tweets by acting on the associative array passed to the shortcode_atts_twitter_moment filter. Functions acting on the filter should set a decimal integer when modifying the value of the width or limit key.


 * Always limit the maximum number of Tweets displayed in a moment
 * @param array $out Parsed user-defined valid attributes or default attribute value
 * @param array $pairs supported attributes and their default values
 * @param array $attributes user-defined attributes in the shortcode tag
 * @return array options array with our customization applied
function moment_custom_options( $out, $pairs, $attributes )
  $out['limit'] = 5;
  return $out;
add_filter( 'shortcode_atts_twitter_moment', 'moment_custom_options', 10, 3 );
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