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DSI Core Readme

0. Disclaimer

This project implements a MIPI DSI (MIPI Display Serial Interface) Verilog core.
Since the DSI specification is non-public and requires an NDA, the core was built
using bits and pieces available throughout the Web: presentations, display controller/SOC
datasheets, various application notes and Android kernel drivers. The author is not 
associated in any way with the MIPI Alliance. The core is provided as-is, it has never been
verified for compliance with the DSI standard and it probably lacks many of its features.
You use it at your own risk, there's no warranty.

1. License

- All HDL (unless otherwise noted) is released under LGPL v3.0
- All software (unless otherwise noted), is GPL v 3.0 or later.
- PCB design and schematics are licensed under CERN Open Hardware License v 1.2.

2. Acknowledgements

- Special thanks go to Sebastien Bourdeauducq, the creator of the Milkymist project, for his 
  excellent IP cores (HPDMC, FML and LM32 Xilinx port) used by in the DSI shield firmware.

- Andrew "Bunnie" Huang, for his EDID generation tools (Chumby WebTV project).