Export plenty of dummy images in Adobe Illustrator.
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Dummy Image Generator.jsx

Export plenty of dummy images

Some developers might have experienced that they needed to make plenty of dummy images. This could be one of the most troublesome tasks. So I decided to make this script to solve the issue.


Put this script file into the script folder of illustrator.

For example in CC 2014.

Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe lllustratorCC2014\Presets\[language]\Scrip

Mac OS: /Applications/Adobe lllustrator CC 2014/Presets/[language]/Scripts/

How to use

To utilize this script, make in advance a csv file listing images you want. The csv file should follow the following order. In more detail, please refer to the sample csv file that comes with this script.

  1. File Name
  2. Extentions(png, gif, jpg, or svg)
  3. Width(px)
  4. Height(px)
  5. Background Color(Optional)
  6. Text(Optional)

Once you run the script, you will be asked which file you will use. After that, you will find a folder, which contains the images, in the same layer.

Please note that it takes a quite long time to generate all images, if you want a number of them.


This software is released under the MIT License, see LICENSE.txt.