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Locale allows developers to create plug-in conditions and settings. The android-toast-setting-plugin-for-locale implements an example plug-in setting. This project is the final layer of the Locale Developer Platform.

Although there are multiple ways to approach building a plug-in setting, we recommend forking this project as the starting point.


The application is compatible and optimized for Android API Level 9 and above.

Forking this Project

The following steps are necessary to fork this project

  1. Rename the package name in AndroidManifest.xml
  2. Rename the package name in proguard-project.txt
  3. Optional: For CircleCI continous integration (CI)
    1. Create a Firebase project
    2. Configure the Firebase project with a service account
    3. On CircleCI, add environment variables for GCLOUD_SERVICE_KEY_BASE_64 which is the base64 encoded JSON service key and GCLOUD_PROJECT_ID which is the project ID.