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Locale allows developers to create plug-in conditions and settings. The android-toast-setting-plugin-for-locale implements an example plug-in setting. This project is the final layer of the Locale Developer Platform.

Although there are multiple ways to approach building a plug-in setting, we recommend forking this project as the starting point.


The application is compatible and optimized for Android API Level 14 and above.

Forking this Project

The following steps are necessary to fork this project

  1. Rename the package name in AndroidManifest.xml
  2. Rename the package name in proguard-project.txt
  3. Optional: For CircleCI continous integration (CI)
    1. Create a Firebase project
    2. Configure the Firebase project with a service account
    3. On CircleCI, add environment variables for GCLOUD_SERVICE_KEY_BASE_64 which is the base64 encoded JSON service key, GCLOUD_PROJECT_ID which is the project ID, and GCLOUD_DEFAULT_BUCKET which is the default free bucket included with Firebase Test Lab.