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Lint and style configurations for @twolfson

This was built to create a common versioned location for @twolfson's style choices.

Currently, we are leveraging jscs, a tool for verifying consistent style, and jshint, a tool that performs both linting and style checking.

Getting Started

Install the module with: npm install twolfson-style

Then, install the .jscsrc and .jshintrc to your project's repo:

# Copy over `rc` files
# `./node_modules/.bin/` can be removed if you are in a `npm-run-script` context
./node_modules/.bin/twolfson-style install

# Verify we have added the files
ls .js*
# .jscsrc  .jshintrc

These files can be integrated with jscs and jshint respectively. A common usage is an npm-run-script:

// DEV: By providing a `lib/` instead of `lib/*.js`, both `jscs` and `jshint` recurse the directory (e.g. `lib/hello/world.js`)
"lint": "jshint lib/ test/ && jscs lib/ test/"

// Alternatively, we provide a sugar command to do this:
"lint": "twolfson-style lint lib/ test/"

We provide a precheck utility to prevent critical JS errors before running tests.

// Verifies only critical lint errors (e.g. using an undeclared variable)
"precheck": "twolfson-style precheck lib/ test/"



twolfson-style installs a twolfson-style executable:

$ ./bin/twolfson-style --help

  Usage: twolfson-style [options] [command]


    install [dir]       Install style `rc` configuration files to `dir` or the current directory
    precheck <path...>  Run critical style checks (e.g. using an undeclared variable)
    lint <path...>      Run all of your style checks (Note: you must provide `jshint` and `jscs` on your `$PATH`)


    -h, --help     output usage information
    -V, --version  output the version number

install [dir]

The install command copies over the .jscsrc and .jshintrc files to a specified directory, dir, or the current working directory, process.cwd().

Currently, we only provide node styles but in the future, we are considering adding --env browser to alter the styles for browser linting.

# Copy over `rc` files
twolfson-style install

# List our new files
ls .js*
# .jscsrc  .jshintrc

precheck <paths...>

The precheck command checks for critical lint errors (e.g. using an undeclared variable).

twolfson-style precheck docs/precheck.js
# docs/precheck.js: line 1, col 13, 'iWasNeverUndeclared' is not defined.
# 1 error

lint <paths...>

The lint command runs jshint and jshint against paths.

We will use the jshint and jscs must be provided on the $PATH.

twolfson-style does not provide jshint and jscs dependencies. If we were to, it would lead to slower releases and annoying one-off upgrades.

twolfson-style lint docs/lint.js
# docs/lint.js: line 2, col 3, Expected '{' and instead saw 'void'.
# 1 error

Library versions

The supported jscs and jshint versions are the same as this package's package.json.



In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint via npm run lint and test via npm test.


Support this project and others by twolfson via gratipay.

Support via Gratipay


As of Nov 20 2014, Todd Wolfson has released this repository and its contents to the public domain.

It has been released under the UNLICENSE.