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Notepad++ Initial commit Jan 10, 2013


Dotfiles variant for Windows


  • Notepad++

    • Setup:
      • Theme: Black board with modifiications (darker background, Courier New 10, modified search results)
      • Tab size: 2
      • Convert tabs to spaces
      • New Document -> Encoding (UTF-8 without BOM + Apply to opened ANSI files)
    • Common features used:
      • Find in opened files
      • Find in files (huge fan of layout/interactivity of bottom panel)
      • Alt+shift+s Trim trailing and save macro
      • Alt+shift+arrow keys for multi-line editing
    • Extensions:
      • File Switcher (ctrl+alt+o) to switch between open files
      • Explorer (right side)
        • Use to browse, rename, open, and delete files in project
        • Jump to current file
        • Open command prompt (opens git variant of command prompt which occupies different dock spot)
        • Find in files (searches folder without needing to specify)
  • MinGW32

    • Use this inside of command shell via path
    • Allows for usage of UNIX comands from command prompt (e.g. ls, rm)
  • PowerCMD

    • Used
    • The only piece of software I am not a huge fan of
  • WinSCP

    • Synchronized directory browsing
    • Bookmarks for local/remote directories
    • Automatic uploads (after first password entry)
  • PuTTY

    • Agent forwarding (woo woo!)
  • Pageant

    • Add SSH keys once and forget about it
  • Explorer

    • Shift+right click -> Open commad prompt here
  • WindowPad

    • Caps Lock + (Q-E, A-D, Z-C) for snapping windows onto sides, half-sides, tops, half-tops, and corners of screen
  • Windows 7

    • AeroSnap (Windows Key + arrow keys for left/right snapping and min/max of windows)
    • Stacked dock icons (so great)
  • IronKey

  • PasswordSafe

    • Lots of room for information about keys
    • Bunch of options for configuring key generation
  • TortoiseGit

    • Context menu allows for quick and easy access to Git actions
    • tortoisemerge is a robust merge tool
      • Use entire ours/theirs file
      • Use our/their block
      • Use theirs then ours block and vice versa
  • MSysGit

    • Installs MinGW32 and makes me very happy
  • Unlocker

    • Perform file operations on any file even when it is in use
      • Kills file handles but not processes to make this happen
  • TreeSize Free

    • Quickly determine what folders and files are taking up the most space
  • OpenSSL

  • 7-zip

  • Command prompt

    • Not as good as gnome-terminal but it works
    • Quick edit mode for the win
  • xampp

  • nginx

  • EASEUS Partition Master - Home Edition

    • Easy to use interface for managing partitions and drives
  • Sexy Windows prompt (not yet used)

    • Get more info about your current location in a clutter-free way
  • Chocolatey

    • Great package manager for Windows
    • Install Adobe Reader, Sublime Text, Cmder easily
  • Cmder (not yet used)

    • Terminal replacement for Windows that is much closer to gnome-terminal

Non-Windows specific

  • Charles

    • Extremely powerful proxying tool
    • Map local files to URLs
    • Map URLs to different URLs
    • Watch and record traffic for sites
    • Set up breakpoints to force order of requests (and catch race conditions)
    • Throttle to simulate a slow connection
  • finder

    • Not Windows specific but only cross-platform solution for this
  • File-Watcher and its vairants (e.g. Health Watcher)

    • Not Windows specific but only cross-platform solution for this
  • nodemon

    • Watch folders and files for changes then restart node process on change
    • Customizable with .nodemonignore

Non-work related

  • ManyCam

  • Camtasia

    • Easy to use recording software for screencasts with great results