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@@ -32,18 +32,18 @@ You can build flint by running this in the top level of this repo:
# -or-
pip install .

You can also install directly from gitlab:
You can also install directly from gitlab clone:

make dist

This will create a jar under target/scala-2.11/flint-assembly-0.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
This will create a jar under target/scala-2.11/flint-assembly-{VERSION}-SNAPSHOT.jar

Running with PySpark

You can use ts-flint with PySpark by:

pyspark --jars /path/to/flint-assembly-0.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar --py-files /path/to/flint-assembly-0.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
pyspark --jars /path/to/flint-assembly-{VERSION}-SNAPSHOT.jar --py-files /path/to/flint-assembly-{VERSION}-SNAPSHOT.jar


@@ -52,12 +52,6 @@ or
>>> ts.flint.__file__[len(os.getcwd()):]
Running Tests

spark-submit --jars /path/to/flint-assembly-0.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar --py-files /path/to/flint-assembly-0.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

Running in a notebook

@@ -68,62 +62,17 @@ You can also run ts-flint from within a jupyter notebook. First, create a virtu


To run tests against a deployment:

FLINT_TEST_CODEBASE=/opt/ts/services/spark-2.2-ts-qa.ts_spark_2_2 py.test

To run tests against a specific Flint assembly jar (of version e.g. `0.4.0`):

FLINT_TEST_JAR=flint-assembly-0.4.0-SNAPSHOT.jar py.test

You can get code coverage by running them under `coverage`:

coverage run test
coverage report

Instead of `coverage report`'s text output, you can get an HTML report
including branch coverage information:

coverage run test
coverage html
(cd build/coverage/html; python -m http.server 8080)

Then visit http://localhost:8080.

* Note that this issue currently prevents Jupyter notebooks running under pyspark from importing the numpy module in python 3.6. That's why "python=3.5" is specified above.

Make sure pyspark is in your PATH.
Then, from the flint project dir, start pyspark with the following options:

export PYSPARK_DRIVER_PYTHON_OPTS="notebook --NotebookApp.open_browser=False --NotebookApp.ip='$(hostname)' --NotebookApp.port=8888"
pyspark --master=local --jars /path/to/flint-assembly-0.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar --py-files /path/to/flint-assembly-0.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

Now, you can open the sample notebook. Use the Jupyter interface to browse to python/samples/weather.ipnb.
pyspark --master=local --jars /path/to/flint-assembly-{VERSION}-SNAPSHOT.jar --py-files /path/to/flint-assembly-{VERSION}-SNAPSHOT.jar


The Flint python bindings are documented at

Run tests

git tag 0.1.2
git push origin 0.1.2

Once this tag exists, future package and documentation builds will
automatically get that version, and users can `pip install` using that
git tag from gitlab.

To run tests for the Python code see a separate [README](tests/ file in the tests directory


An example python notebook is available in the examples directory. To try it out, start a jupyter notebook as described above, and then open [weather.ipynb](examples/weather.ipynb).


Please report bugs to <>.

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