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Beautiful-hexo is a simple elegant hexo theme ported from Beautiful-jekyll which written by Dean Attali. Nice work!



hexo init site 
cd site
npm install --save hexo-generator-archive hexo-renderer-jade hexo-generator-tag hexo-generator-feed hexo-generator-sitemap hexo-browsersync 
git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/twoyao/beautiful-hexo.git themes/beautiful-hexo

Modify _config.yml change theme to beautiful-hexo and configure hexo-generator-archive :

theme: beautiful-hexo

    per_page: 0
    yearly: false
    monthly: false
    daily: false



Setup comment.netease.productKey in theme's _config.yml. For test, you have to ensure your website hostname match settings of netease-gentie. To do so, add flollowing lines in /etc/hosts: notes.example.com

And run hexo at 80 port: sudo hexo s --debug -p 80. After test, you may revert hosts file.

Tags page

For displaying a page with all blog tags, create a folder named tags at source folder with the following index.md inside:

title: "Tags"
layout: "tags"

Don't forget to update your navbar-links at beautiful-hexo _config.yml file:

    Tags: /tags

Theme config file is brief and clear. If you have any question, check hexo online document.