Spring 2018 iOS Workshops
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MAD iOS Workshops, Spring 2018

What is this?

These are the materials for MAD's Spring 2018 iOS Workshops. MAD (Mobile App Development) is an organization of students teaching students Android, iOS, and web development. To learn more, check out our website or join our Facebook group.

When and where is this?

Day Time Location
Every Monday 7:00 PM–8:30 PM GDC 4.304

What do I need?

You do not need an iOS device to participate in our workshops. You do need a Mac.

What will I learn?

In short, you'll learn how to make iOS apps! Each week we'll tackle a new topic by creating an app that introduces us to certain features and APIs. We tend to make adjustments each semester to accomodate what everyone is interested in learning, which makes each semester a little different. That said, you can always expect to learn the following:

  • How to program in Swift
  • How to create user interfaces with Interface Builder and Storyboards
  • Making user interfaces flexible with Auto Layout
  • Navigation between screens
  • Table views
  • Making network requests to an HTTP API

Who teaches these?

All MAD workshops are taught by fellow UT students! This semester they'll be taught by:


Photo Instructor Email Fun fact
Jesse Tipton jessetipton@utexas.edu Jesse took a high school Spanish class with Post Malone.
Matt Ruston matt@rustonmail.com Matt is an avid fan of squirrels.


Photo Instructor Email Fun fact
Ryan Menghani menghaniryan@gmail.com ...
Rishabh Thakkar rishabh.thakkar@gmail.com ...
Avinash Damania adamania99@gmail.com ...

What should I do if I miss a workshop?

Don't sweat it! You can get the materials from each workshop in this repository. If you have questions about the materials feel free to email any of the instructors or message them on Facebook.