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txn2: Kubernetes apps and system utilities.

Parts for Kubernetes based platforms, development operations, proxies and data pipelines.


  1. kubefwd Public

    Bulk port forwarding Kubernetes services for local development.

    Go 3.3k 175

  2. txeh Public

    Go library and CLI utility for /etc/hosts management.

    Go 281 36

  3. txpdf Public

    HTML to PDF microservice

    XSLT 84 10

  4. n2proxy Public

    Contraband filtering reverse proxy for plain http and SSL.

    Go 32 8

  5. irsync Public

    rsync on interval, via command line binary or docker container. Server and IOT builds for pull or push based device content management.

    Go 19 3

  6. txwifi Public archive

    Forked from cjimti/iotwifi

    Raspberry Pi (arm) wifi configuration container. Configure and control wifi connectivity with a JSON based REST api.

    Go 138 61


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