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txn2: microservice applications

Microservice applications for IOT and data pipelines.

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  1. Bulk port forwarding Kubernetes services for local development.

    Go 1.9k 104

  2. Go library and CLI utilty for /etc/hosts management.

    Go 164 15

  3. HTML to PDF microservice

    XSLT 69 4

  4. Contraband filtering reverse proxy for plain http and SSL.

    Go 24 6

  5. rsync on interval, via command line binary or docker container. Server and IOT builds for pull or push based device content management.

    Go 15 1

  6. Forked from cjimti/iotwifi

    Raspberry Pi (arm) wifi configuration container. Configure and control wifi connectivity with a JSON based REST api.

    Go 96 37


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