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Feel free to criticize and give advice, I'm happy to hear it!
-## Install
+Noscript is currently under a heavy rewrite. If you want to check out what it
+was before I started messing with everything, *check out the branch named "old"*.
+The master branch is not to be considered even usable.
+## Install (the old version)
Although for now it's in a **SUPER ALPHA** stage, you can try and run some
example scripts doing this:
git clone git://
+ git checkout old
cd noscript
+ bundle install
./bin/noscript examples/hello_world.ns
+ ./bin/noscript examples/interop.ns
+ ./bin/noscript examples/objects.ns
+ ./bin/noscript examples/test_case.ns
+ ./bin/noscript examples/traits.ns
## Copyright

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