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iCal Sensor Support for Home Assistant

in your configuration.yaml you'll need:

- platform: ical
  name: "My Calendar"
  url: ""

It will create sensors for the next few future calendar events, called:

  • sensor.my_calendar_event_0
  • sensor.my_calendar_event_1
  • sensor.my_calendar_event_2


Manual Installation

Put the keys file (, and manifest.json) in your home-assistant config directory under custom_components/ical.

Custom Updater

ical_updater.json provide the details Custom Updater needs. See Custom Updater Installation to install it.


Add the following to your configuration:

    - components


To install it for the first time, use the custom_updater.install service with appropriate service data:

  "element": "ical-sensor-bundle"


Once the iCal component is installed it can easily be updated using the Tracker card. If you're not using the Tracker card then you can use the custom_updater.update_all service.

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