a dialog plugin based on jQuery
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a dialog plugin based on jQuery

  • con[string:selector] - a expression of selector for container
  • bgCls[string] - background of class, it's none background if is null or undefined.
  • holderCls[string] - dialog of class.
  • titleCls[string] - title of class.
  • contentCls[string] - content of class.
  • barCls[string] - line of class in content.
  • bottomCls[string] - bottom of class.
  • buttonCls[string] - button of class.
  • tipCls[string] - tip of class.
  • unselectCls[string] - a class for preventing user to select text.
  • bgClose[boolean] - it's true if dialog will close on clicking background.
  • drag[boolean] - it's true if dialog can be dragged.
  • fix[boolean] - it's true if dialog fixed scroll.
  • width[number] - dialog of width.
  • height[number] - dialog of height.
  • top[number] - dialog of top.
  • left[number] - dialog of bottom.
//simple init
	con: '#dialog'
  • init - initializing dialog.

    • param void
    • return this
    • build dialog of DOM and put in container.

    var _dialog = $.dialog().init();

  • title - setting title text.

    • param p_text[string] a text for title.
    • return this
    • setting a text for title and return the title of jQuery Object.

    _dialog.title('This is title');

  • content - setting content.

    • param p_html[htmlString]
    • param p_style[object] style || [number] padding of top and bottom.
    • return this || jQuery object when the method haven't accepted any parameters.
    • add a bar or line put in the content and setting style. It's will set padding of top and bottom if the parameter of type is number.

    _dialog.content('some texts and others', 20);//padding of top and bottom is 20 pixel.

  • clear - clear dialog

    • param null
    • return this
    • clear content,title and button.

    _dialog.title('This is title').clear().title('a New title');

  • input - add a input push in content.

    • param p_attr[object || string] setting the input of attributes, id is default attribute if a string type of parameter.
    • param p_label[string] the label for input.
    • param p_input[boolean] it's true if you want to add a textarea not input.
    • param p_enter[function] callback the function when enter in the input.
    • return this
    • It's a special method that wrapped content for input.

    _dialog.input('input_id', 'username:', false, function () {sure();});

  • button - add a button push in the bottom.

    • param p_set[object || string || function] configuring the button.
      • name[string] button of text, default is 'Ok'.
      • cls[string] button of class, default is conf.btnCls.
      • id[string] button of id, default is null.
      • events[function] to run the function when click corresponding button. Default is closing dialog.
    • return this
    • To add a button and set its text,class,id and event on click.

    _dialog.input('please input text', {id: 'content'}, false).button(function () {//submit});

  • tip - setting tip.

    • param p_tip[string] tip of text.
    • return this
    • setting a text for dialog in bottom.

    _dialog.input('please input text', {id: 'content'}, false).button(function () {_dialog.tip('content is error!')});

  • show - to show dialog.

    • param null
    • return this
    • To show dialog and background.


  • hide - to hide dialog

    • param null
    • return this
    • To hide dialog and background.

    _dialog.button({name: 'close', events: function () {_dialog.hide();}).show();

  • lock - to lock dialog.

    • param null
    • return this
    • to lock dialog and prevent any operations.


  • unlock - to unlock dialog

    • param null
    • return this
    • to unlock dialog and cancel lock.


  • size - setting size

    • param p_w[number]dialog of width.
    • param p_h[number]dialog of height.
    • param p_t[number]dialog of top.
    • param p_l[number]dialog of left.
    • param p_timeout[number]the animation of duration for resize. Zero indicate direction and its unit is milliseconds.
    • param p_callback[function] the function will be ran after animation has finished.refer to jQuery.fn.animate.
    • return this
    • To set dialog of size including width,height,top and left.And it can set a timeout for animation. The unit is percent if it less than 1. Then unit is pixel if it greater than 1. But the value is auto if it's 0.

    _dialog.lock().size(400, 0, 200, 0.5, 1000, function () {_dialog.unlock();});

var _dialog = $.dialog().init().title('title').content('please click ok');
	name: 'ok',
	cls: 'one_button',
	id: 'theButton',
	events: function () {
		_dialog.lock().size(200, 0, 100, 0.5, 1000, function () {



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