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Iota is a tiny framework written in Io. (Seriously. The framework code itself currently comes in at under 200 loc. Go Io!) Iota uses the MVC (Model, View, Controller) paradigm. There is an extremely basic Model system that works with MySQL. The views are generated using a sort of Markup-in-Io system, referred to as “Markio”. (Markio is heavily borrowed from _why the lucky stiff’s Markaby. In fact, his ramblings inspired me to write this thing.) There is also a memory-based session handler.

Iota currently comes bundled with a crappy little web server I wrote, called Brio. However, the newer version of Io comes bundled with an web server named Volcano. I’ll be ditching Brio for Volcano… as soon as I get it to compile.

Check out the Todo page for a list of things that need to be done before it’s even slightly useful.