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Windows Azure Training Kit



Presentations are a set of resources you can use for learning Windows Azure capabilities or to present Windows Azure features to an audience at a conference.

Note: You can download the latest build of the Windows Azure Training Kit which includes a tested version of this Presentation here:

Visit our GitHub Homepage for more information about the Windows Azure Training Kit.

Repository Structure

In the root folder of this repository you will find the Presentations files in their respective Presentations folders.

Contributing to the Repository

If you find any issues or opportunties for improving these presentations, fix them! Feel free to contribute to this project by forking this repository and make changes to the content. Once you've made your changes, share them back with the community by sending a pull request. Please see GitHub section How to send pull requests and the Windows Azure Contribution Guidelines for more information about contributing to projects.

Reporting Issues

If you find any issues with this Presentation that you can't fix, feel free to report them in the issues section of this repository.

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