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The official Typed Clojure vim plugin.


typedclojure.vim requires fireplace.vim.

If you're using pathogen.vim, install typedclojure.vim with these commands:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone git://

If you're using Vundle.vim, install typedclojure.vim by adding this line to your vimrc, and then run Bundle.

Bundle 'typedclojure/vim-typedclojure'

After generating the helptags, view the manual with :help typedclojure.


See :help typedclojure for this information.

Type checking namespaces

To type check the current namespace, call :CheckNs or input ctn (think 'core.typed check namespace').

Any type errors are loaded into a quickfix list, which can be navigated like fireplace's quickfix window for stack traces.

Hovering over an entry in the quickfix window and inputting ce will open a preview window with a nicely formatted copy of the type error message on the current line.

Local type information

After type checking a file, use :TypeAt or cK to query the type at a position in the type checked file. In GUI mode, mouse hovering has the same effect, but with balloon popups.

Aim your mouse/cursor at the leftmost character in a form.


Copyright (c) Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.