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@rahulmutt rahulmutt released this 31 Jan 07:59
· 1002 commits to master since this release


  • Fixed an FFI bug where the wrong class was being generated for a method call in generic class causing method not found exceptions at runtime. (@rahulmutt)
  • (#603, #610) Fixed a bug in which let-no-escape bindings were being passed arguments in the wrong order causing unexpected (but exception-free) behavior at runtime. (@jarekratajski)
  • (#609, #622) Accurately track relinking state of java inputs to the compiler. (@jneira)


  • Improve performance of by using lazySet to avoid a volatile write since MutVar provides no concurrency guarantees. (@rahulmutt)
  • (#628) When deferencing an address to a ByteBuffer, return an empty buffer when the input is a null address. (@jneira)


  • (#615, #620) Update the etlas init dialogue and fixed the Java code adding an exception throwing signature. (@y-taka-23)