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This is the first and hopefully only release candidate for 1.0.0.

This upgrade breaks binary compatibility with the previous 0.10, so use with care — libraries that depend on Cats Effect must be upgraded first. This version also drops Scala 2.10 support.

The highlight of this release is the Bracket type class, along with its IO implementation, IO#bracket and IO#bracketCase.

Details of usage with IO have been added in the documentation, see the new section:
Safe Resource Acquisition and Release


  • #113, #186: Adds Bracket type class, along with IO changes, for exposing bracket and bracketCase, operations meant for safe release of resources
  • #182: IO.runAsync should report errors in its handler (back-ported in 0.10.1)
  • #168: adds Async#never
  • #183: adds new config parameter meant for AsyncTests to disable laws that are testing for non-termination

Breaking changes:

  • #177: Removed Sync instance for EitherT[Eval, Throwable, ?]
  • #180: Dropped Scala 2.10 support